What to Expect

Bariatric care is the scientific discipline of providing comprehensive healthcare through nutritional guidance. Combined with increased physical activity each client can benefit from a healthy lifestyle while achieving weight management. We medically evaluate your overall health and customize a protocol of meal plans, nutritional supplements and exercise regimens, as well as the benefits of prescribing FDA approved medications that aid in controlling appetite.

Call for appointment at 864.225.6280. Your initial visit may require approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for a nurse and physician to review your medical history and evaluate your current state of health. Please bring a list of all your current prescribed medications, as well as any over the counter (OTC) medications.

The medical staff will assist you with scheduling your appointments. Most patients are seen two weeks after their initial appointment and then once a month thereafter.

No one can predict the amount of weight you will lose, but our physician will determine the ideal weight for you based on your height, age and any physical limitations. After that, a program will be recommended that should easily and safely reduce your weight by 1 to 2 pounds per week. A program can also be recommended for individuals that prefer a more rapid weight loss.

Our physician prescribes only FDA approved medications. Drugs used in weight loss and management are known as “anorectics”.  There are several types and strengths available; however, the most common are Phentermine, Diethylpropion, and Phendimetrazine. Our physician will access your individual case and prescribe a medication that will reduce your appetite. These medications have been used safely and effectively since the 1970’s.

As with all medications, there are the potential risks and side effects. “Benefit versus risk” is always the primary consideration when these are prescribed. If the patient has high blood pressure, cardiac problems or other serious health concerns, it is very important that the physician be made aware of them and these problems are under control before anorectic are taken.  Most side effects are merely bothersome such as dry mouth, insomnia, irritability, or constipation. Not all patients experience side effects, but if you do the physician may switch you to another medication to achieve maximum benefit and minimal side effects. He may also prescribe fat blocking medication and/or one to reduce carbohydrate and sweet cravings. These medications are an adjunct in the overall change in diet, exercise, and lifestyle to attain permanent weight loss for both health and appearance.

Yes! With each referral, the person receives $10 off their next visit. No more than $10 per visit at a time.