What We Do

Healthy Goals
Anderson Bariatric Physicians is a well-established weight loss clinic, dedicated to providing you with the finest guidance and products available to help you meet your healthy weight goal.  We offer complete counseling, diagnosis and treatment plans, all in one welcoming location.  Helping you lose weight gradually and safely, and showing you how to keep it off, is our mission.  We want you to be comfortable and fully informed about everything we do.

First Steps
So, what’s our process?  We’ll start by getting to know you and the challenges you face.  And we’ll talk about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and how to set achievable goals. Our staff will assess your current health status through comprehensive blood testing and monitoring vital signs.  Using the latest technology, we’ll do a Body Composition Analysis, and a Body Mass Index, which measure body fat percentage.

Moving Ahead
Next, we design a personal plan for achieving your own weight loss goals.  We’ll counsel you on healthy nutrition choices and portion sizes, so you’ll have daily guidelines for smart decisions. And we’ll begin FDA-approved appetite suppressants to help manage your calorie intake, along with complete information on these beneficial medications. You’ll get to meet our in-house pharmacists, who can offer guidance on prescriptions and supplements.  Plus, we’ll talk about safe and effective physical activities that will enhance your progress.

So, let’s get started!

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